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Why You Should Listen To Him


Ritu Singh is the Chief Firestarter at Wolf, an arts practice based on storytelling through scrap, discards and found objects. Started in 2013 along with her husband, Wolf exhibits assert the importance of the slow life inspired by forests, gardens and the natural world. She is a self taught artist who believes her artistic gift must make a difference in headspace through the practice which includes installations, multimedia artworks and ephemeral experiences. 


She was a part of the ‘Collateral Project in the Kochi Biennale 2018-19’ and Large scale Public artworks in Jaipur city commissioned by the Government, and 4 of her artworks have been featured in the recently opened Mahindra Museum of Living History in Worli, Mumbai.
Since it’s inception, Wolf has been interacting with schools engaging children through art in the attempt of inspiring youth to look at scrap differently. One such project was ‘Upskill to Upcycle’, a project with children of Navrachana funded by the US
‘Theatre of Stories’, an experiential show curated for Jaipur Literature Festival in 2018 was also conducted by her.
She is currently working on her next show which opens in Mumbai later this year.

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