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Devanshi Asher is an Indian Documentary Filmmaker and Visual Artist in practice. based out of Gujarat and Ladakh. Her passion lies in working towards culture preservation and climate action.She sheds light on environmental and humanitarian issues all over the world, with the aim of creating meaningful interventions through her art and storytelling practice. 
Her film - ‘Melting Ice’ (2018) based on Sonam Chondol, was nominated for the Indian Documentary Film Category at the Kolkata International Film Festival and received a Special Jury Mention Award at the Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival. She later worked as a freelance filmmaker for Srishti Films where she explored Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh through the lens of the development sector in India while making films for organizations such as - NABARD and Vikalp Sangam. During her time in Naropa fellowship, she directed a performance arts piece - ‘Consider Her’ (2019) with Sumnima Sampang (Nepal) depicting the stages of a woman’s life which was performed in Leh Market and was widely appreciated by the local community.  


Asher is currently working on Katie Conlon’s National Geographic exploration project - ‘Himalayan to Sea, Plastic Free’.  The project is an expedition and research project,  producing 18 short films on plastic reduction and plastic pollution awareness in the Himalayas (India and Nepal). As a part of the project team, Devanshi took over the role of Filmmaking Lead, looking over the Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Sound Design aspects of the film production.

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